The themes and styles that collide in Waldroup’s art pieces…

I’ve always been drawn to high-intensity messages and colors in my paintings. Solid strokes and shapes dance and flirt to translate themselves into pop-culture, social and political messages. When those elements melt in my paintings it results in high impact aesthetics that keep the viewer’s attention and brings them into the space and time of each of my paintings. Faces, bodies, characters fuse harmonically in their perception, playing with our senses and effectively constructing surreal worlds where we can all meet and play regardless of backgrounds and social status. I give the viewer the opportunity to find and reshape the spaces where they find themselves. My paintings are extensions of myself, I’m the director and my brushes and colors are the orchestra.

“Every morning I open my eyes and take a long look at the world, then become angry, sad and bitter. After this long look, with tears in my eyes, sweat from my brow and the blood in my veins, I release all my love and all my hate and all my emotions on the canvas. So history will see someone did care. It is not what I want to paint, it is what I have to paint. What is God’s curse to me is my gift to you.”


“I absolutely love your Rock & Roll Collection. Your boldness it’s really empowering.”

Anthony Lowry

“Glad I went by SOHO before returning back home to Chile, the painting I bought from you gives my space the touch I was looking for so long. Next time I stop by New York I’d like to see you the whole art collection. Thank you”

Alex Torres

“We are very glad we purchased the Marilyn paintings from you, the corporate and production offices shine with your beautiful artwork. Thank you, it was a pleasure to meet you.”

Margaret Hodson